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"It almost seems funny, but the tougher the life of this person, the more it is bordered with barricades imposed by society, politics, a tough existence, the more the Moon will drive the imagination and the need to create in the world a small world that is only his, in which he is free to read, write, paint, travel, believe that true values are not lost by gathering around him intellectuals, artists, people of style and class"

Laurence Jones

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1 April 12

Baby Washington “Your Fool” (Sue 119-B, 1964)

*Happy April Fools Day*

And sometimes people are full time, romantically devoted to being foolish, no joke, year round. And there’s plenty of songs devoted from needle drop to fade out that speak of this subject.

One of my favorites is this succinct uptown soul beat ballad that haunted the b-side of Baby Washington’s last single of 1964.

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