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"It almost seems funny, but the tougher the life of this person, the more it is bordered with barricades imposed by society, politics, a tough existence, the more the Moon will drive the imagination and the need to create in the world a small world that is only his, in which he is free to read, write, paint, travel, believe that true values are not lost by gathering around him intellectuals, artists, people of style and class"

Laurence Jones

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19 May 11

The Persians “Get A Hold Of Yourself” (Pageant 601, 1963)

A few months ago I posted Byrdie Greene’s version of this song, and I wondered for a bit who’s version hit the airwaves first?

Turns out that The Persians had the original version, making Byrdie’s version a few months delayed cover version with a decidedly Mary Wells flavor. The Persians original however is an interesting dark, foreboding piece of uptown soul from Philadelphia.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh